Essay on Mahatma Gandhi important essay for HSLC exam 2021

The name a short sketch important activities reason for my admiration conclusion

Introduction: Of all the great men, I do admire Mahatma Gandhi most. In Mahatma Gandhi most. In Mahatma Gandhi I find many rare qualities, for which every Indian owes him a lot. I regard him the true ideal of a great man.

Early Life: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly as Mahatma Gandhi was born in October 2, 1869 in Poarbandar. He hailed from an orthodox Hindu family. His father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi. His mother Putuli Bai was a pious lady. Mahatma Gandhi took his early education in a village School of Rajkot. After passing the Matriculation Examination he went to London in 1887 for higher studies. 

Career: In 1893 he returned to India as a barrister and joined the bas. But he was not quite at home in the profession of a barrister. After a short while he went to Africa as the legal advisor of an Indian Company. In Africa he found that Indian Community suffered much under the most humiliating indignities. But they were too timid to resist. He took up the cause of the Indians there and organised a passive resistance. He struggled for the Indians there for ten years. He suffered from imprisonment and physical chastisement. He was successful in his fight for justice. The Government was forced to amend () some anti-Indian Laws. 

In 1914 Mahatma Gandhi returned to India. He joined the Indian National Congress and resolved to fight against the British rule. At his first resistance against the British he led the peasants of Cameron district in Bidar against unfair tax levied by the British Government. He was successful in his first attempt. Through the Indian National Congress he fought for independence of India. He asked the British to quit India. Truth and Non-violence were his weapons to fight against the British. He led the movement through various phases. 

Almost all the people of India joined his non-co-operation movement against the foreign rule. Subsequently he become the leader for the Congress Party. For many times the British Government imprisoned him he was a fit leader to guide millions of Indians against the oppression of British rule. As a result India become free in 1947. The British left India. People of India used to call him “Father of the Nation”. After the independence one Nathuram Godse shot him dead on his return from his prayer. 

Conclusion: Mahatma Gandhi was a dreamer of dreams and a door or deed. He led a very simple life. He was a lover of peace and truth. He asked the Hindus and Muslim to live as brothers. He worked for the uplift of the Harijans. He even loved those who were against him. Mahatma Gandhi is dead and gone. But he lives for ever in the hearts of millions of Indians.

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