Matter in our Surroundings class 9

In this chapter we discuss about Matter in our Surroundings which is important topic of class 9 science. We see a large variety of things with different shapes, sizes and textures, everything in this universe is how they are made up ? The air we breathe, the food we eat, stones, clouds, stars, plants and … Read more

Atom Concept for class 9 What is Atom for class 9

DALTON’S ATOMIC THEORY John Dalton, a British Chemists and scientists gave the Atomic Theory in 1808. This theory is popularly known as Dalton’s Atomic Theory in the honour of John Dalton. He gave the theory on the basis of Laws of Chemical Combination and explains them properly. In his theory he explains about atom. postulates … Read more

Matter concept for class 9 What is Matter for class 9?

Matter is any thing which has mass and occupies space. All solids, liquids and gases around us are made of matter. Scientist believe that matter is made of tiny particles that clump together. You cannot see these particles but you can see the matter, for example, a book, a car, a letter, a hand set, … Read more