All in one Science class 10 pdf download

All in one Science Class 10th has been written keeping in mind the needs of students studying in Class 10th CBSE. This book has been made in such a way that students will be fully guided to prepare for the exam in the most effective manner, securing higher grades. The purpose of this book is … Read more

Some basic concepts of chemistry mcq with explanation

In the view of Competative exam Chemistry is considered to be the most scoring subject. This is one of the easiest scoring subjects, it is often ignored and undermined a subject. But if you want to get an edge over others, here is a tip, Chemistry mcq concepts for any competitive exam. Chemistry demands the … Read more

Raiganj University Admission process and Eligibility criteria

Raiganj University is one of the foremost universities in West Bengal. As per Raiganj University Act (West Bengal Act XXVI of 2014) the University was established on 3rd February 2015. It is located at the district headquarter of Uttar Dinajpur i.e. Raiganj in West Bengal, India. This University was established by upgrading a state aided … Read more

A short story of Discovery of Gravity by newton

To today’s students, Newton’s Laws of Mo tion are familiar and may seem easy to understand. But many educated people in 1687 still had medieval notions. They believed that planets and stars moved under their own power. They had no concept of gravity. They did not understand that “what goes up must come down.” Nor … Read more

Atom Concept for class 9 What is Atom for class 9

DALTON’S ATOMIC THEORY John Dalton, a British Chemists and scientists gave the Atomic Theory in 1808. This theory is popularly known as Dalton’s Atomic Theory in the honour of John Dalton. He gave the theory on the basis of Laws of Chemical Combination and explains them properly. In his theory he explains about atom. postulates … Read more

Matter concept for class 9 What is Matter for class 9?

Matter is any thing which has mass and occupies space. All solids, liquids and gases around us are made of matter. Scientist believe that matter is made of tiny particles that clump together. You cannot see these particles but you can see the matter, for example, a book, a car, a letter, a hand set, … Read more

Wagner Meerwein Rearrangement with Mechanism and it’s Application

Reactions involving the change in the carbon skeleton through the rearrangement of the carbocation intermediate are collectively known as Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement. When neopentyl bromide is hydrolysed under SN 1 condition it Is found that instead of the expected neopentyl alcohol (Me3CCH20H), 2-methyl-butan-2-ol and 2-methyl but-2-ene are formed Similarty, neopentyl alcohol on dehydration gives 2-methyl-but-2-ene and … Read more

Wolff rearrangement with mechanism and its Application

There are several reactions that are conceptually related to carbene reactions but do not involve carbene, or even carbenoid, intermediates. Usually, these are reactions in which the generation of a carbene is circumvented by a concerted rearrangement process. Important examples of this type are the thermal and photochemical reactions of alpha-diazo ketones. When alpha diazo … Read more

Favorskii rearrangement with mechanism and it’s Application

The transformation of alpha-haloketones to esters with rearranged carbon skeleton by the treatment with alkoxide ions is called Favorskii rearrangement. Alkali hydroxides or amines in place of metal alkoxides give acids or amides respectively. The subjects of this section are two reactions that do not actually involve carbocation intermediates. They do, however, result in carbon … Read more

Class 10 Science Chapter2 notes with question answer

Class 10 Science Chapter2 Chemical Reactions and Equations notes of all topics with detailed explanation. You can prepare your Board examination from here because The notes is written by our Expert Theacher with many years experience. We provide Solution of NCERT question Answer and important intext question Acids, Bases and Salts Indicator : ­The chemical substance … Read more